Huber venous ports and needles

A Port System is a small device that is implanted under the skin and provides quick access to blood flow. Using the venous port, you can administer drugs, including chemotherapy drugs, parenteral nutrition, CT, MRI diagnostics, take blood for tests, or blood transfusions. The device consists of a small chamber with a membrane to which a catheter is attached.

Advantages of the port system for permanent venous access:

  • The port is completely "hiding" under the skin, which provides protection against infection and a good cosmetic effect, so the port can be used for a long time (up to five years);
  • Does not create discomfort for the patient (taking a shower, swimming pool, active activity without restrictions);
  • Allows for regular painless blood sampling for research;
  • The port can be used for a long time, and the procedure for removing the port is simple and quick;
  • Psychological comfort for the patient.