Huber's needle

Huber's needle is a special medical needle for puncture of port systems, the main differences of which are the special sharpening of the cut and the shape of the long tip of the needle. Due to its unique shape, the Huber's needle easily passes through the silicone membrane, "without biting", but as if pushing the silicone fibers apart. After removal, the Huber needle does not leave holes in the membrane, the integrity of the membrane is preserved.

Currently, 3 types of needles are used - depending on the duration of drug administration through the port system.

• Huber needle straight is used for short-term administration of drugs (bolus infusions). In addition, this Huber needle is suitable for flushing the port with regular care during a break in treatment or remission.

• Huber curved needle is used for infusion, lasting 30-60 minutes in a hospital setting.

• Huber's butterfly needle is additionally equipped with wings and a clip for firm fixation. With their help, the administration of drugs can last up to four days.

In oncology, the Huber needle has become an indispensable part of complex treatment with the use of infusion pumps and implantable port systems for chemotherapy.