Complete catalog of the range of products of the online store Oncomedica.

The range of products offered by the online store Oncomedica is formed on the basis of the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of venous ports, biopsy instruments (disposable needles, semi-automatic systems and automatic biopsy systems), X-ray protective clothing, surgical materials (surgical nets, vaginal slings, hemostatics, anti-adhesive gels, neurosurgical sponges).

When choosing brands for our catalog, we paid special attention to the price / quality ratio of products, as well as service and logistics capabilities.

The Oncomedica company has a large warehouse of production in Ukraine that will allow you to receive oncological and surgical tools quickly in any city of our country.

We are always ready to provide service support, technical advice and assistance in application.

In the segment of the middle price range, we offer port catheter systems of our own brand ONCOMEDICA. The production is located in France, which guarantees its good quality, and its brand allows to reduce the price as much as possible.

In addition, in our catalog you will find the following products:

  • Soft tissue biopsy needles, bone marrow biopsy needles, Medax automatic biopsy guns (Italy) - excellent quality, compatibility with other systems, good price.

  • Surgical nets, nets for the treatment of genital prolapse, cellulose-based hemostatics, anti-adhesive gels, neurosurgical sponges Betatech (Turkey).

  • X-ray protective clothing of the best quality, from the world's largest manufacturer Mavig (Germany). Unique protective materials on pine rubber are used for production of X-ray protective clothes.

  • Automatic prostate biopsy systems Biobot Surgical Pte Ltd (Singapore).

  • Please note that using tools for oncology and surgery from European manufacturers, you save money through convenience and reliability in use.

Product catalog online: the best tools for oncology in the online store Onkomedika - low prices and excellent quality Onkomedika.